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Luminous ILT 1624


  • 135 AH, Tubular
  • Heavy duty applications, frequent power cuts
  • Exp. life: 600-700 cycles at 80% depth of discharge
  • Faster charging, Less frequent topping up compared to flat plate batteries

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Product Specifications

Battery type Tubular
Battery Capacity Ah (C20) 135
Battery Capacity Ah(C10)
Charging current (Amps)
Dimensions (L*W*H)
Weight (Kg +/- 5%) - Dry
Weight (Kg +/- 5%) - Filled
Volume of electrolyte (Litres/Cell)


  • Heavy duty tubular plates providing excellent cyclic life with deep cycle capabilities
  • Electrolyte level indicators help easy identification for timely water top-up
  • High quality polypropylene containers have excellent resistance against impact and abrasion
  • Vent plugs trap escaping vapour and gases reducing evaporation of water

Warranty Details

Battery Warranty 30 Months (6 months pro-rata)
Warranty Type


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