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Numeric Digital HPH HR 1000


  • Sensitive electronics (home theatre etc.), motor loads, PC, TV
  • Waveform: Sine wave
  • Topology: Offline/Standby
  • Warranty: 2 years

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Product Specifications

Brand Numeric
Phase Type 1-Phase Input 1-Phase Output
Topology Offline/Standby
Inverter Capacity (VA) 1000
Capacity (W) 800
Waveform type Sine wave
Battery (Internal/External) External
Battery Capacity 1 No. (65 AH - 150 AH)
System Voltage (DC) 12V
Recommended Applications/Combinations Sensitive electronics (home theatre etc.), motor loads, PC, TV, Lights & fans
Other Features


UPS-Inverter switch Yes
Home or Away switch Yes
Variable voltage sensitivity setting Not Applicable
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Not Applicable
Full-time EMI/RFI suppression
Frequency Regulation Not Applicable
Data line surge protection
Separate battery-protected and surge-only outlets Not Applicable
Hot swap battery
Extendable battery back-up Yes
Intelligent battery charging Yes
Automatic battery self-test
Selectable charging current Yes
Generator compatibility Yes
Cold start capability Yes
Audible Alarms Yes
Bypass feature
LED status indicators Yes
LCD Display
Power Management software
Computer interface

Technical Specifications


Modes of operation

INVERTER Mode (For Lights & Fans)

UPS Mode (For sensitive electronics)

Input voltage/frequency

230V AC/ 47-53 Hz

Voltage window for "on mains" operation

In INVERTER mode: 120-275Vac

In UPS mode: 185-255Vac

Maximum input voltage without damage

280 Vac



Sine wave

Output voltage

On Mains:

  • In INVERTER mode: 120-275Vac (mains voltage is passed to load)
  • In UPS mode: 185-255Vac (mains voltage is passed to load)

On Battery:

  • 190-245Vac (depending on load)

Output frequency

On Mains: 50Hz(Auto-detect)

On Battery: 50Hz +/-0.1Hz

Battery/Battery charger



Nominal voltage


Battery capacity (C20)

1 No. (65 AH - 150AH)

Battery type

 Flat Plate, Tubular (Flooded lead acid batteries)

Charger type

5 stage constant current  charging

Charging current

Upto 20A

Typical recharge time



Protection provided against


Overload on Mains

Overload on battery

Short circuit

Low battery voltage

Line neutral reverse

Over temperature


Warranty Details

Inverter/UPS Warranty 24 Months
Battery Warranty Depends on battery Manufacturer
Warranty Type On-site warranty by Manufacturer


Physical Characteristics

Dimension (D*W*H) cm

42 * 22.5 * 20

Net Weight (Kg)

20.5 Kg(1000VA)

Environmental Characteristics

Operating temperature

0 - 45 deg C


0-95%, non-condensing


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