What criteria should I use for selecting an inverter?

What criteria should I use for selecting an inverter?

In order to maximize the output power (AC power) that an inverter can generate from a given amount of input power (DC power), it is important to select an inverter with the following characteristics:

High efficiency

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Low standby losses

– These losses are due to the power consumed by the inverter when it is on but no loads are running. This is the case in most residential situations, so it is important to select an inverter where these losses are a minimum.

High surge capacity

– Many household and office appliances, especially those with motors consume high power when they are switched on. If the inverter does not have sufficient surge capacity to support these loads then the inverter will shut down and could potentially get damaged as well.

Low harmonic distortion

– Harmonics can lead to performance problems in motors and sensitive electronics and also impact the useful lives of these equipments, hence it is always advisable to minimize the harmonic distortion caused by the output power produced by inverters. As mentioned in the table above, sine wave inverters have low harmonic distortion while square wave inverters have the highest harmonic distortion.

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