What are the benefits of using a solar water heater?

What are the benefits of using a solar water heater?

A solar water heater is a technically proven and commercially viable solution to meeting the daily hot water needs of a residential household. It offers the following benefits:

Availability of hot water throughout the year

With a solar water heater you are assured of reliable hot water supply throughout the year and these systems if properly installed & maintained have a lifespan of 15 years and more. With the abundant supply of sunshine throughout India (most parts of India have on an average 300 sunny days per year), these systems can meet your daily hot water needs on most days and even on cloudy days there is usually enough radiant heat available to provide you warm water.

Significant savings on water heating costs

An average household with an electric water heater spends about 25% of energy costs on heating water and the use of a solar water heater has the potential to reduce this cost annually by about 50% to 85%. The smallest solar water heating system with a capacity of 100 lpd (litres per day) can replace a 2 kW electric geyzer and save upto 1500 units of electricity per year

It’s an environmentally friendly option

Reduce your hot water carbon footprint:

Each unit of electricity consumed by an electric water geyzer leads to an effective coal consumption of 1.5Kg at the power plant used to produce this electricity. A 100lpd solar water heater thus offsets an equivalent coal burning of about 1500 Kgs per year.

Saves water:

Each unit of electricity produced at a power plant consumes on an average 3 litres of water for cooling purposes. Thus a 100 lpd solar water heater can also save around 4500 litres of water every year.

They are reliable

As long as the sun is shining, hot water will continue to flow through your pipe & plumbing fixtures. The reliability of solar water heaters is further enhanced by the fact that there are no moving parts and the system is very easy to maintain, requiring no more care than a standard water heating system. Most of the solar systems available today simply require an annual checkup and a system flush to ensure that the system stays operational. Further, warranties are available from manufacturers for the entire system and for the individual parts (tank and the collector).

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