I already have a UPS system, can I still install solar?

I already have a UPS system, can I still install solar?

One of the biggest drawbacks of a UPS system is that it increases your electricity bill.
UPS System electricity bill

In case you don’t want to discard your existing UPS but would like to reduce your electricity bills then you can converter your existing inverter into a solar inverter by installing a solar retrofit controller. When you install solar panels along with the solar retrofit controller, the solar energy captured by the panels is fed to the appliances through your existing inverter and also stored in the batteries to provide back-up power to your appliances during a grid power outage thereby reducing your electricity bill. The solar retrofit controller can be installed with any brand of inverter and brand of batteries and can be installed without any changes to the existing UPS wiring within your home or office.

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For maximum bill reduction and savings with the solar retrofit controller it is important that your batteries are not more than 2 yrs old. Glowship provides you the convenience of getting an exchange discount against your old batteries while enabling you to purchase new solar batteries as part of your purchase of the solar retrofit package.

In case your existing UPS system, i.e. both the inverter & battery are old and you’re looking at replacing them, click here to read more about the benefits of installing a solar power system in place of a UPS system.


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