How to buy a solar power system online on

How to buy a solar power system online on

Glowship’s solar platform is one of the most advanced platforms in the industry offering customers an instant sizing/pricing estimate for solar power systems in a variety of configurations along with the estimated benefits and economics for each option.

  • For Homes & Offices with electricity bills less than Rs 1000/- or those looking for solar power to support only part of their daily energy consumption can buy pre-engineered complete solar kits here. To learn about how this works, click here.
  • For larger Homes, Villas & Offices with electricity bills more than Rs 1000/-, Glowship provides you an instant estimate for the recommended size of the solar power system & quote for the same based on your electricity bill. Get your solar system quote here. To learn more about how the solar calculator works click here.

You can also call Glowship’s IVR # available on the website to speak to agents or chat with agents who will be able to assist you on various aspects of your purchase of a solar power system.

For solar systems above 2kW, once you have made your decision to go solar, you need to pay a booking amount online so that a site survey can be arranged for your roof or location where the solar system needs to be installed. Glowship will assess both the shadow-free area available on your roof & the energy consumption pattern of your home or office and take into account any other site specific considerations to optimize the size & design of your solar power system & submit a final quote for your acceptance.

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