How does the Glowship solar sizing calculator work?

How does the Glowship solar sizing calculator work?

Glowship’s solar sizing calculator provides you instant sizing/pricing for the best-fit solar power system based on your electricity bill. The calculator uses the inputs entered by the user – their electricity bill, # of people staying at home & the appliance usage pattern; and applies proprietary big data analytics based on our database of the energy consumption patterns of thousands of homes to disaggregate the home’s electricity bill & provide an optimal recommendation for the solar power system in two configurations – with storage (also known as hybrid solar power system) & without storage (also known as grid-tied solar power system).

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For Hybrid solar power systems, the solar calculator depending upon the inputs also recommends two options. The first option is a “budget option” where the solar power system is sized to cater to the energy requirements of only “essential loads” at your home i.e. appliances like lights, fans, TV & few kitchen appliances that you need to keep running during a grid power outage.

The second configuration is a “comfort option” where the solar power system is optimized to provide maximum electricity bill reduction as solar power system is sized to cater to most of the energy consumption at your home or office.

Solar Calculator Comfort Option

In both cases, the sizing calculator optimizes the solar power system efficiency by carefully choosing the most optimal capacities for the solar panels, solar inverters & solar batteries for the given system size.

The solar power system calculator also provides you the estimated benefits from going solar in each option – the solar units generated per day & per month (considering the solar insolation at your location); your reduced electricity bill after installing solar (considering electricity tariffs at your location); the duration your appliances can be powered through solar power & payback on the solar power system.

The calculator also provides you a graphical representation of your projected electricity bill over the next 25 yrs. for the following scenarios: Your electricity bill as-is (i.e. assuming you don’t install solar & are ready to live with the annual escalation); Electricity bill post installation of the solar power system & your increased Electricity bill should you decide to install a UPS system instead of a solar power system.

Projected electricty bill

The solar sizing calculator also incorporates machine learning algorithms enabling it to learn & incorporate feedback as more customers from different geographies & different sizes of homes use it to size their solar power systems.

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For solar system capacities upto 2kW, Glowship provides you the widest range of pre-engineered kits that can be purchased online here.

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