What are the advantages of buying a solar power system on Glowship?

What are the advantages of buying a solar power system on Glowship?

Glowship provides you the simplest buying experience for solar power systems providing you the flexibility to purchase either a pre-engineered solar kit from leading brands in India or receive an instant quote for higher solar capacities. Glowship has also partnered with the best solar component manufacturers both within & outside India to provide you maximum choice & customize the solar power system configurations as per your requirements. Solar panels are available from leading domestic manufacturers such as Waaree, Vikram Solar, Emmvee Solar, PV Powertech, Renewsys, Innovative Solar, Kotak Solar and leading International manufacturers such as REC, Trina Solar, Risen, Longi, CanadianSolar. Solar inverters & solar batteries are available from all leading brands in India including Luminous, Consul Neowatt, ExideLivguard, Su-kam, Microtek.

In addition to ensuring optimal design of your solar rooftop system, partnering with reputed brands & manufacturers, Glowship also ensures that the electrical & mechanical hardware required for installation of the solar power system is also quality assured & rated for long-term performance of the system.

For system capacities above 2kW, Glowship also provides free remote monitoring that enables real-time tracking of performance parameters such as energy generation by the solar panels, energy consumption by loads, battery charging & discharging related statistics etc.

All installers or solar companies partnering with Glowship are verified for their experience & strictly conform to the quality standards & installation guidelines prescribed by Glowship.

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