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subsidy area




Andhra Pradesh


Pre-approved subsidy ~30%

Available for solar systems to be installed on roofs of below categories of customers:


All types of buildings

Applicable states

  • Educational Institutions
    • Schools
    • Universities
  • Health Institutions
    • Hospitals
    • Medical College
Type of System :

Grid-connected solar systems (without batteries)

System Sizes :

5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 20kW, 25kW

Features :

Included (remote Monitoring System + O & M for 5years)


31/2 Years to 41/2 Years

Return on Investment

20% to 25%
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+91 99013 30955

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  • 320 ltrs hot water @ 40 deg C
  • Upto 5 bathrooms
  • Normal/Rain Shower/ Shower Panel
  • Max. Pressure : 8 bar
Offsets 2.6 tonnes of CO2/yr
Elec. bill savings: 2600 units/yr

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Sold by : M S M Tech


1-3 business days
Authorized Seller
Delivery Charge: Free
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₹ 10,003p/m

Excludes : Plumbing/Electrical work/lifting equipment
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Sold by : M S M Tech


1-3 business days
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Why Us?


Product Specification

Brand Racold
Model No. KOSM 0516
Product Configuration Split
Storage Capacity (Litres) 200 Ltrs
Type of Application Pressurized water
Est. Carbon savings Offsets 2.6 tonnes of CO2/yr
Est. Electricity savings Elec. bill savings: 2600 units/yr
Electrical back-up heater Provided to cater to peak hot water requirement

Payback Analysis

Payback Analysis



 Cost of 200 Ltrs Heat Pump (A)

₹ 1,14,000

 Approx Cost of Electric Geyser (Equivalent capacity) (B)

₹ 88,000 

 Additional Cost Incurred for buying Heat Pump (A - B)

₹ 26,000

*Estimated annual operating cost of Heat Pump

₹ 6,209

*Estimated annual operating cost of Electric Geyser

₹ 22,874

*Estimated annual operating cost saving

₹ 16,665

 Payback period of 200 Ltrs Heat Pump ( years)

1.56 yrs

 *Assumptions : Hot water quantity : 200 ltrs , Initial temp : 15 deg C, Final temp : 55 deg C, Electricity cost : Rs. 6.4/Unit , Heat pump consumption : approx 2.7 units/day, Gyser Consumption : Approx 10 units/day

Benefits v/s Electric Geyser

Heat Pump

Electric Geyser

Can be Located anywhere in the house

Typically located inside the bathroom

Single unit can supply water throughout the house

Typically one geyser is required for one bathroom each

Suitable for Rain Shower , Shower Panel & Jacuzzi which requires higher water Flow Rate

Suitable for Normal Shower which requires low to medium Floor Rate

Automatic start-up and shutdown

Manual on off operation required

Complete isolation between water & electricity

Complete isolation not feasible

Suitable For

Max. Temperature Setting 75 deg C
Heating Time (h:min) 3:20
Hot Water Delivery Rate (L/h)
No. of Bathrooms
No. of Rain Showers 3
No. of Shower Panels 2
Gadget Supported Normal Shower/Rain Shower/Shower Panel


  • Suitable for villas and light commercial applications
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Eco-friendly technology - using R134a refrigerant
  • Wide temperature range operation, from - 30°C to 75°C. Can work at night as well as on cloudy or rainy days just like on sunny days
  • Can be scaled to meet any requirement of hot water
  • Easy to install. Just need to connect the pipelines and electrical connections 
  • Occupies very little space and can be installed on the terrace or roof
  • Long life and corrosions - resistant cabinet to withstand severe climates
  • Combined with a cirrculation pump and a storage tank, it can deliver hot water in seconds anywhere in the premises

Electrical Characteristics

COP (Coefficient of Performance) 3.6
Power Output(kW) 2.6
Power Input(kW) 0.72
Heating Element (kW) 1.8
Main Electrical Connections (V/hz) (198-246)V/50hz

Physical Characteristics

Tank Gross Wt. (with water) (Kgs) 275 Kgs
External Dimensions (mm) 510 x 1894
Noise Level in dB 52 dB
Refrigerant R134a
Refrigerant Quantity

Warranty Details

Product Warranty 24 months
Tank warranty (years) 5
Warranty Inclusions/Exclusions
Warranty Type On-site warranty by Manufacturer

In the box

In the box
  • Insulated tank
  • Compressor
  • User manual
  • Warranty Certificate
Installation Requirements
  • Covered area for locating heat pump
  • 15A electrical point to be provided at this location
  • Heat Pump delivery & commissioning will be done only on confirmation of the above


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