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subsidy area




Andhra Pradesh


Pre-approved subsidy ~30%

Available for solar systems to be installed on roofs of below categories of customers:


All types of buildings

Applicable states

  • Educational Institutions
    • Schools
    • Universities
  • Health Institutions
    • Hospitals
    • Medical College
Type of System :

Grid-connected solar systems (without batteries)

System Sizes :

5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 20kW, 25kW

Features :

Included (remote Monitoring System + O & M for 5years)


31/2 Years to 41/2 Years

Return on Investment

20% to 25%
Contact us

+91 99013 30955

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Our Experience

>45 MW

Designed &



>30 yrs


Sample Portfolio

1 MW

The 1st MW scale rooftop installation in the country!

20 MW

One of the earliest large scale solar farm in the country

460 kW

TESCO’s 1st solar project globally!

3.84 kW

Complete heating & power solutions for a villa

6 kW

Technology study & demonstration for Engg. College

80 kW

Clean, Organic energy for an Organic farm!

60 kW

Leak-proof, Car park shelter with solar panels

80 kW

Demonstrating the country’s commitment to Solar!

6.6 MW

Under the Govt. of Karnataka scheme

10.8 kW

Semi-transparent roof in the Atrium providing light while generating energy!

200 W

Retrofitted exisiting poles with solar-powered LED lights

2.25 kW

Solar retrofitted to an existing 6kVA UPS

5 kW

Solar powered pump irrigating 3 acre farm from 500ft. deep borewell

2.2 kW

90% reduction in electricity bill!

100 kW

Dependable solar power to Hospital OPD has eliminated the running of a 125kVA genset

4.6 kW

Centralized solar power plant powering yard lighting

15.2 kW

Industrial facility (incl. welding machines) running solely on solar!

1.8 kW

Green PG Accommodation!

4 kW

Providing dependable back-up power for the home

1 kW

Stored solar energy independently powering an adventure camp

3.2 kW

Running the entire villa on solar!

3.2 kW

70% reduction in electricity bill

4 kW

ATM run independently on solar

3 kW

Marketing Office run independently on solar

10 kW

German technology made to work in India!

25 kW

Sister’s convent running independently on solar!

7.5 kW

Social enterprise reduces electricity bill by 50%

600 W

Solar system for a small, nuclear family

20 kW

Powering lights at a multi-story car park facility

14 kW

Catering to the partial energy needs of a Commercial Office