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subsidy area




Andhra Pradesh


Pre-approved subsidy ~30%

Available for solar systems to be installed on roofs of below categories of customers:


All types of buildings

Applicable states

  • Educational Institutions
    • Schools
    • Universities
  • Health Institutions
    • Hospitals
    • Medical College
Type of System :

Grid-connected solar systems (without batteries)

System Sizes :

5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 20kW, 25kW

Features :

Included (remote Monitoring System + O & M for 5years)


31/2 Years to 41/2 Years

Return on Investment

20% to 25%
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+91 99013 30955

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Pre-engineered Solar Retrofit Kits for Homes & Offices

Solar Retrofit Kits

The Solar Retrofit Controller

  • Converts your normal inverter into a Solar Inverter
  • Utilizes solar energy which reduces your Electricity Bills
  • Simple Installation, requires no changes to existing electrical wiring of inverter
  • Can be installed with Any Brand of inverter & batteries

Pre-Engineered Retrofit Kits

Build your Own Retrofit Combo

Enter Details for your existing UPS System

Existing Inverter Capacity?

Are your existing Batteries <2yrs old?

Note : For best savings in electricity bill with the solar retrofit controller, the existing battery should be <2yrs old

Would you like to replace your existing batteries with new solar batteries? Exchange discount available for Tubular/Flat Plate batteries from leading brands only The exchange offer is not valid if the actual capacity is different from the selected capacity

Existing Battery Capacity

Number of Batteries


Buy Solar Retrofit Packagesfor Homes Online at Best Prices in India

Glowship offers you complete, pre-engineered solar retrofit packages available for purchase online. The package consists of: a solar retrofit controller, solar panels& necessary electrical & mechanical hardware required to install the system. You also have the option to exchange/replace your existing batteries with new solar batteries and earn a discount against the exchange. You can choose controllers from: LIVGUARD SOLAR RETROFIT VAVE SMU 12/24V, 30A CHARGE CONTROLLER, LUMINOUS SOLAR RETROFIT SHINE 2420, 12/24V, 30A CHARGE CONTROLLER,LUMINOUS SOLAR RETROFIT SHINE 4850, 48V, 50A CHARGE CONTROLLER or LUMINOUS SOLAR RETROFIT SHINE 9650, 96V, 50A CHARGE CONTROLLER. Solar panels are available from Luminous, Livguard solar, Exide&Renewsys in these packages.

What are the benefits of buying a solar retrofit package?

This package helps convert your existing UPS to a solar UPS.The retrofit controller helps your existing UPS utilize solar energy & provide it to the loads/batteries thereby reducing your electricity bill. Your existing UPS & battery, irrespective of brand/make can start utilizing solar power with the installation of this equipment.For best savings in electricity bill it is advisable to connect the solar retrofit controller to batteries that are less than 2 yrs old. Thus compared to installing a solar hybrid system, which would involve purchase of a solar UPS along with solar batteries, the solar retrofit packageis a more economical option as it enables you to start utilizing solar power with your existing UPS/inverter & batteries.

How to buy a Solar Retrofit Package on Glowship?

The product selector requires you to provide your existing UPS & battery capacity as inputs & will recommend the suitable solar retrofit pre-engineered kit consisting of the suitable charge controller, solar panels, along with the necessary cabling & mechanical hardware. The product selector also provides you an option to replace your old batteries with solar batteries of suitable capacity and get a discount on exchange of your existing batteries.

Advantages of Buying a Solar Retrofit Package on Glowship

Glowship provides you the maximum choice & flexibility while buying a solar retrofit package by enabling you to choose solar panels & solar batteries based on your requirement & budget. The retrofit product selector also ensures that the recommended solar capacities are compatible with the device& the battery capacity to ensure you don’t end up with a wrong selection.

In addition to ensuring an optimal configuration is selected, Glowship also ensures that the electrical & mechanical hardwarerequired for installation of the system is also quality assured & rated for long-term performance of the system.

All installers or solar companies partnering with Glowship are verified for their experience & strictly conform to the quality standards & installation guidelines prescribed by Glowship.

Purchase a solar retrofitpackageon Glowship.

View our experience from having executed over 100 solar projects of all types & sizes by clicking here

To learn more about solar rooftop systems, please click here for answers to frequently asked questions.

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Estimated Increase in Electricity Bill* due to UPS System

Power Outage 850VA/
150AH x 1No.
150AH x 2Nos.
150AH x 4Nos.
<2hrs/day 43units/mth Rs. 3,800/yr 56units/mth Rs. 4,900/yr 82units/mth Rs. 7,200/yr
>2hrs/day 86units/mth Rs. 4,900/yr 82units/mth Rs. 7,200/yr 134units/mth Rs. 11,700/yr

*Power tariff assumed @ Rs. 7.3/Unit