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subsidy area




Andhra Pradesh


Pre-approved subsidy ~30%

Available for solar systems to be installed on roofs of below categories of customers:


All types of buildings

Applicable states

  • Educational Institutions
    • Schools
    • Universities
  • Health Institutions
    • Hospitals
    • Medical College
Type of System :

Grid-connected solar systems (without batteries)

System Sizes :

5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 20kW, 25kW

Features :

Included (remote Monitoring System + O & M for 5years)


31/2 Years to 41/2 Years

Return on Investment

20% to 25%
Contact us

+91 99013 30955

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Buy Solar Water Pump Online at Best Price

A solar water pumping system is commercially viable solution to meet the daily water requirement for irrigation throughout a year, solar water pumps have been used in India for over two decades and now uses across India as a viable alternative to conventional pumps for meeting daily irrigation requirement by lakhs of farmers across various states in India. Unlike conventional pumps that use conventional energy, Solar panel captures energy available in Sun’s ray and operate the pump for the irrigation.

Wide Range of Solar Water pumps online at Glowship

A solar water pump has a payback of 5 to 6 years against the conventional pumps, solar pumps have virtually no maintenance cost of operation , it provide reliable water supply during day time which results in 10% to 15% increase in crop yield . The pumps are available in wide voltage range in both AC & DC voltage. Glowship is the authorised marketplace for leading Indian and global manufacturer – Grundfos, Shakti, CRI, Deccan, Lorentz.

Can a farmer avail bank loan to buy Solar Water pumps from Glowship? will assist a farmer for Bank loan. A can get a loan upto 75% of the total price of the best solar water pumps in India

What type of Solar Water Pump Should I buy?

Sizing , selection & finance of the best Solar Water pumps in India has never been easier, all you need to specify to determine the best solar water pump:

  • Your Location
  • Depth of your borewell / openwell
  • Required water quantity per day

Contact for a sizing and loan proposal.

Buy Solar Water Pumps online in Easy EMI

  • Down Payment/ Booking Amount (25%) : 25% of the solar water pumping system price
  • Loan from the Bank (75% of System Value) @ 9.45% : 75% of the solar water pumping system price @ 9.45%

Loan available from all Nationalised Banks/Leading Private Sector Banks/RRBs/State Corp. Bank’s interest rate may vary from bank to bank. Loans are also available if you want to buy solar water pumps in Karnataka.

Documents required for Loan Pre-approval.

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card Copy
  • Voter ID Card
  • Customer phone no
  • Right & Tenancy Certificate (RTC / Pahani>

Documents required for Loan Sanction & disbursement

  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • MR (Mutation Register)
  • Sale Deed
  • Tax Paid Receipt

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